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Introduction of iCloud Remover

In case, you have just bought an iPhone from Amazon, eBay (or any online store for that matter) and you realize that it already has an iCloud account within. There is no need for you to panic, and you’ll still be able to use your mobile device if you use iCloud Remover.

iCloud helps its users in case they have their device stolen or lost. It can also be used to store data such as videos, images, audio etc. on any Apple and Windows device so that they are able to share them with their friends, family and colleagues who have an Apple or Windows device.

It also has close to a billion users as of 2020. If you want to create a new account you need a compatible web browser and an internet connection. You also need OS X Lion v10.7.5 or later if you have a Mac or iOS 5 or later if you have an iOS device. Another thing you need to be beware of some features have their own minimum requirements of OS versions. If you want to change your password you need to have your Mac running on Mavericks or on a version after Mavericks, or your iOS device on 7 or on a version after 7 otherwise you won’t be able to sign in.

iCloud Remover

Benefits of this Service

Lifetime Unlocked Warranty

Feel Free to Upgrade iOS

Disable "Find my iPhone"

Compatible with all Apple Devices.

Enables you to Activate a Device

Features of iCloud

iCloud can be used to store many different types of data such as documents, bookmarks, notes, Apple Books, contacts, reminders, music, photos, applications, and backups. Also, this personal data is encrypted with high level encryption that only the right person with access can view and modify them. Although it is more expensive to accommodate than that of Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox etc. It is highly efficient and faster to randomly accessed on various Apple devices.

Because of its security it is embraced and adored by executive individuals.

Activation Lock

It stops the activation of any iPhone that has been restored in either Recovery mode or Device Firmware Update without first disabling the Find My iPhone feature. Activation Lock causes you keep your gadget secure, regardless of whether it’s in an inappropriate hands, and can improve your data security to prevent being leaked. Regardless of whether you delete your device remotely, Activation Lock can keep on preventing anybody from reactivating your device without your authorization. You should simply keep Find My [device] turned on, and recollect your Apple ID and secret key.

With watchOS 2 and later, you can utilize Activation Lock to ensure your Apple Watch, and with macOS Catalina and Mac PCs that have the Apple T2 Security Chip, you can utilize Activation Lock to ensure your Mac, as well.


Apple’s iCloud offers essential different features. The features included iCloud Drive, iCloud Storage Plans (extra record stockpiling), iCloud Photo Library (cloud-based photograph stockpiling), Family Sharing (record and asset sharing), Safari and Keychain administrations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Another feature provided by iCloud is the choice for the user to use a non-iCloud email address as their Apple ID.

iTunes Match

It allows the user to check their tracks with tracks from the iTunes store so that they won’t but them again. If a track can not be found in the iTunes store, then it will be uploaded to the users’ iCloud storage account. iTunes Match gives you access to the entirety of your music on the entirety of your registered devices, even tunes that you’ve imported from different sources, for example, CDs.

If you have subscription to Apple iTunes music, you get the whole of the advantages of iTunes Match, in addition to access to the whole Apple Music list.

iCloud Drive

It is used to store files (of up to 50 GB) which can then be accessed from another device. It also allows access to the online web app. Starting with macOS Catalina, Apple clients can share iCloud Drive organizers utilizing a private connection. Approved clients can along these lines get to the comparing documents, make alters, include new records, and audit refreshed forms.


A lot of the features of iCloud use the 5 GB of storage space which is provided to a Mac using OS X LION 10.7 or later, or an iOS device using iOS 5.x.

iTunes in the Cloud

One of the most mentioned highlights in the course of recent years has been iTunes in the cloud. Presently with iCloud, iTunes can consequently download your new music buys to the entirety of your gadgets over Wi-Fi or 3G in a split second. Additionally, added to this is the capacity to take the entirety of your past iTunes buys including TV appears, and have them download to all your iDevices at no additional expense. It’s anything but difficult to enact, simply enter the Settings application at that point tap iTunes.

Calendar, Mail, and Contacts

MobileMe, Apple’s membership based collection of push mail, contacts, and schedule applications has come to iCloud and it’s free. Presently simply like MobileMe, your mail, contacts, schedule, notes and Safari bookmarks all sync over the cloud and to your gadgets remotely.


The times of sponsorship up your information by means of those bothersome sync links are finished. Because of this new element, iCloud will consequently backup be bought music, TV appears, applications, books, photographs and video in the Camera Roll, gadget settings, application information, home screen and application association, messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), and ring tones all out of sight. Which implies in the event that you purchase a pristine iDevice it very well may be totally modern without associating it to your Mac or PC.

iTunes in the Cloud

Presently on the off chance that you have the equivalent iCloud-empowered applications on more than one gadget, iCloud will naturally refresh your reports over the entirety of your gadgets. It permits you to alter something in, Keynote on your iPad and everything on your iPhone will be modern when you open the application. Other good applications integrate Pages and Numbers.

Find my iPhone

Presently iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, and Mac proprietors can discover their gadgets easily. We realize that sentiment of having lost something so costly and that makes this such an incredible security system. When you discover your iDevice you can remotely wipe and lock it. Also communicate something specific letting whoever is around that you (or the police) are en route to recover it.

Photos Stream

Because of this incredible new distributed computing you would now be able to snap a picture or import one to any of your iDevices and have it in a flash showed up on your others by means of Photo Stream. Photograph Stream will keep you latest 1,000 photographs dynamic in the stream for as long as 30 days.

Find My Friends

Elder sibling is here with the new Find My Friends application now accessible in the App Store. Find My Friends permits you and your companions to basically locate each other when endeavoring to get together. The potential conclusions don’t stop there however, you could find your iOS utilizing relatives or check whether a companion has made it into town yet. In any case, protection is critical and the application lets you turn this component now and again without any problem.


Because of iCloud when you download another iBook it will naturally be pushed to all your different iDevices. Things like notes, bookmarks, and features sync so the entirety of your iBooks are the equivalent on your iPhone or your iPad.


With gadget explicit applications and the sheer number of them, keeping track is hard. To help with that iCloud backs up applications. Let’s assume you download another application on your iPhone, it will naturally show up on your iPad. This truly comes close by when getting another iDevice. Simply sign in with your Apple ID and your applications immediately begin adjusting.

Family Sharing

The capacity to share your applications, iBooks and iTunes buys with five others in your family is a moderately ongoing expansion to iCloud. (You may locate that content suppliers have prohibited certain things from this advantage, or neglected to refresh use rights for more seasoned things.) The Ask to Buy include lets guardians support children’s endeavors to purchase content, which is paid for using the family coordinator’s bank card. Family Sharing also gives you a way to share photographs with one another, and to facilitate using a mutual schedule.

When set up in iCloud’s settings, relatives can get to one another’s buys close by their own, in the store applications in iOS and in the iTunes Store on a PC.

To send huge documents

Mail in OS X will just send outgoing media of under 40MB, if you invest a great deal of energy transferring huge records onto file sharing platforms like Dropbox and gluing joins into your messages rather than the documents themselves, at that point you’ll need to utilize the Mail Drop features (just found in Yosemite’s adaptation of Mail) to send media.

The first occasion when you attach a giant media to a message you’ll get an error that you’ve surpassed the most extreme size. It is because that the document is a picture you can shrink it down utilizing the Image Size control in the background window, however this degrades the picture’s quality.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!
10 +
10 +
IMEI's Checked
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What is iRemover?

iRemover is a service manufactured to help innocent users unlock their Apple products. In case, they have forgotten their password, or have just bought an iPhone with the iCloud of its past owner, or just found a phone laying on the ground and want to return it to its rightful owner but are unable to do so because of the Activation lock. Our service is made just for that kind of situation and has provided our customers with a more than satisfactory experience each time. It allows the user to upgrade their iOS and use every feature in their Apple device such as Phone, Wifi etc. without a fear in the world. The user will also be able to use features such as Backup and restore, Find My Friends, iWork and Messages etc.

How to Use?

First and the most important thing that you need to do is that you need to know your IMEI number and there is no need to be ashamed if you don’t because most people do not. It is a unique identification that every mobile has and is 15 digits long.

  1. You can go to Settings, then General and About after that which will lead you to your IMEI number. An easier way of finding it out is by dialing *#06# which will make the IMEI number appear. If your iPhone is deactivated, it can also be located on the box your phone came in, under the battery pack or on the silver sticker on the back of your phone.
  2. Next, you are going to have to enter your IMEI number along with the model of your iPhone. iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, SE (1st), 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, SE (2nd), X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are supported by this service.
  3. Once the payment process is done, you will receive an email signaling the beginning of the end for the iCloud account inside your iPhone. Within a few days we will be able to eradicate that iCloud account, and send you another email, which will let you start your mobile like new.
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Is iCloud Unlocker Legal?

Now, that’s a big question and not one you can understand without knowing the backdrop to all this drama first. So, just like any other resource “credit card generator” can have a negative impact if put in the wrong hands. This has made some people call this an illegal service, which can’t be further from the truth. Because if you are the owner of an iPhone which has the iCloud of its past owner, there’s not much you can do. The truth is that the power is in your hands and your hands only, and you can choose how to use it. Moreover, it may halt the phone software and result in permanent locking of phone or permanently account ban, which can result in loosing all your photos for good.

Unlock My iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions.

You will be needing your apple ID (probably an email address). A proof of purchase (A receipt of purchased device). Your Identity documents. And maybe your SIM card for verification.

IMEI is the key proof of using iCloud on an authentic device. So it may help to verify and unlock iCloud via any authentic iDevice using its IMEI.

It will take less than 2 hours to be unlocked using IMEI verification method. Because it’ll be requiring backend authentication. Typically, you’d stand by somewhere in the range of 24 – 48 hours for confirmation – and afterward with iPhones since they’re opened remotely rather than physically with a code, there is an extra 24 hour hold up from when the open is confirmed and when you can finish the reset procedure.

In any case, if there are any hang-ups with the procedure, it can take up to about 7 days. You ought to get an confirmation email once the authorization bit of the procedure is finished.

Since now you realize that this gadget is lost or taken, the solution to your inquiry is: No, it is not legal. Simply take your Apple device to your nearby police division and record the occurrence report.


Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell

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Thank God! I thought that I was a dead man because when I called Apple’s helpline they began to ask me for my documents and bill of sale.
Kevin Karlick

Kevin Karlick

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My iPhone X was locked and I started to panic. So, I contacted them and had a lot of questions which they were kind enough to respond to instantly. Their service was as fast paced as their support and my mobile was fixed within 72 hours. Moreover they assured me of that if the problem persists, they would again let me through without any warranty validation.
Deb Cowart

Deb Cowart


Although I was a bit cautious before using this service, once I received my email after 7 days I have had no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended!