Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass

Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass (2022 Updated)

Apple’s security measures for their devices are known for being quite the immense wall, but setting it up or bypassing it is not an easy task. If you have purchased a second-hand Apple watch, this gets even a bigger feat to deal with, bypassing the activation lock. A lot of people have their share of bad luck when trying to bypass the activation lock, so here is their question “How to unlock it”? and the answer, well, there are quite a few ways to Apple Watch activation lock bypass and this brief guide is all about it.

If you erased your own device, then that will also bring up to you an activation pass, but in that case, it’s much easier to bypass it. It happens when you forget to log-out from your iCloud before you put your device in recovery mode and restore it. If that’s the case, then you simply have to log-in with the same credentials as before, and you’ll get in without any trouble.

However, the process is a bit too difficult for iOS 11 or later because then you would also have to go through two-factor authentication. If you can perform the two-factor authentication, then it’s all good and great, but if not, you can still do it by tapping on Unlock with a passcode. In this phase, you simply use your device’s recent passcode to help bypass the activation lock.

The actual problem is when the user forgets to log-out of the iCloud account and sells it right after restoring it, which means that you have to find a way to bypass it.

Ask the Previous Owner

The first thing to do would be to try and contact the previous user if there is a way to do so. They’ll have to provide their credentials, so you can unlock the phone and remove their iCloud account from the device, and set-up your own. They can also unlock the device from their PC, if they are far-away, by filling-in their credentials. They can do it by accessing their iCloud account and heading on to “Find my iPhone,” where a list of all their device will show up; from there on, they can easily remove the device (i.e., Apple Watch), and it will remotely remove their account from the device.


If it does seem to play out in your favor and you cannot establish contact with the previous owner, then you might have to find a way to get around it, and we will provide all the possible ways to do so to help you bypass the activation lock.

Hire a Professional for Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass

The safest way to get this done is by hiring a professional to help you bypass the activation lock. This way, you’ll have the device unlocked without any inconvenience. It will also help you avoid any accidental damage that might cause you to lose your Apple Watch. A high-skilled professional will unlock your device permanently till you set-up your iCloud, and, as it will take them no more than 48 hours, it’ll also help you avoid days of painful attempts with a 50% chance of success.

Suppose you have the original receipt for your Apple Watch (make sure you get that before purchasing the device from another user). You can contact Apple support, and they will guide you on how to remove the activation lock, but you must have the receipt with you because they will need to verify you legally own the device before proceeding to unlock the Apple Watch. This is by far the safest way to get it done, but if you don’t have the receipt, then continue reading.

Using software or an online service to Bypass the Apple Watch Activation Lock

This method is potentially harmful because many online services and software, specifically those that do it for free, are spiked with malware and managed by scammers. We do not recommend using a free online service or software to bypass the activation lock. When it comes to paid software and online service, you will have to find a trusted provider, like IMEIdoctor, iBypasser, AppleiPhoneUnlock and IMEIUnlockSim. Other than these, you can ask around to find a trusted alternative to those, but you should be well aware that the internet is full of scams, and even paid help can get you into trouble unless verified first.



IMEI is a safe and affordable online service that helps you unlock your Apple Watch, but it will take 5-10 working days to bypass the lock, so if you are patient enough then follow the steps below.

  1. Open IMEIdoctor iCloud removal page.
  2.  In the box below the menu, type your Apple Watch IMEI/SN. You can find the IMEI/SN on your watch case.
  3.  After entering the IMEI/SN, press unlocks now and complete the payment method procedure to start the process.



Another highly-recommended online service to bypass your Apple watch activation lock is the AppleiPhoneUnlock. This one is expensive compared to IMEIdoctor but takes no more than 24 hours if the fast-track is enabled.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud Unlock page.
  2. When you are on the page, enter your Apple Watch’s IMEI number/Serial number. You can find the IMEI/SN on your watch case.
  3. It will automatically detect the Apple Watch’s model based on the IMEI you entered.
  4. Lastly, click on the “Remove Activation Lock” button and complete the payment method procedure to start the process.


You can certainly have your Apple Watch unlocked if it has an activation lock, it is not as impossible as it seems, but if you own the device legally and know the previous owner, then it is not a problem. Otherwise, you can follow this guide, it will cost you, but you can get the device unlocked without a receipt, contact with the previous owner, or any such requirement. Otherwise iCloud Remover Tool is available here to sort out your iCloud problem.

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