iCloud Storage Plan

How to Check and Upgrade iCloud Storage

If you see this message, “iCloud Storage is Full” On your Apple device, this means that you have run out of storage and it can be disappointing and frustrating for sure. It also means that your photos, videos, and data will stop backing up to the iCloud. There may be some synchronization problems among the devices in terms of your iCloud Drive and apps. You may also face problems when sending or receiving email if you are using an iCloud email address.

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Apple gives you 5GB of free storage when you set up iCloud for the first time. But, if you are an active user who has several Apple devices and you back up a lot of photos, videos, and data, then this 5GB will probably not be enough for you. Keep in mind, that it is also important to use your cloud storage space efficiently so that you do not pay for more storage than you actually need. Here are some tips and tricks for you on how to manage your storage and how to know when to upgrade your plan.

How to Check iCloud Storage

Checking Available iCloud Storage

It is always a good idea to check how much storage you have when your iCloud runs out of space, and how efficiently you use it before you go and buy extra space. In order to make sure that you make the best use of the available space, you can adjust the backed up on your iCloud manually from each device and app.

You can simply go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Here, at the bar at the bottom of the window will tell you how much space you are using in iCloud. Click on Manage, now you can adjust the space used by the apps. Just make sure that you double-check on the stuff that you need and the stuff that you don’t need in order to make sure that there is no extra data using space.

You can access your storage details from your iPhone as well from the settings. Just go to the iPhone’s settings, click on your username at the top to access your iCloud. Now select iCloud to view the usage details. The iCloud storage use will be categorized in terms of data type it holds.

If you just go through it comprehensively, you will understand what kind of data is using up the most percentage of the storage space. This way, you can efficiently use the space you have.

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Turn off Backups of Unnecessary Apps

You have control over the apps that should back up data to iCloud, simply turn off back up for the apps that are not necessary to you. You can also delete some of the data like photos, videos, etc. that you don’t need.

Upgrade your iCloud Storage Plan

How to Upgrade iCloud Storage

If after going through all of that, you still need more space, then just go ahead and upgrade your plan. Just go to your iCloud storage on any of your Apple devices and follow the instructions. The range from 50GB to 2TB that Apple offers.

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