How to Bypass Find My iPhone Activation Lock

How to Remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

Buying a cheap iDevice is certainly economical than buying a new one. If you are now on a narrow budget plan, finding a iPhone or iPad may appeal to you. After receiving this device, you may notice that it is connected to an iCloud account. Without a password, deleting an iCloud ID may seem terrible. If you can consult the authentic device owner, you can request an iCloud ID and password from him.

There is also the possibility that you cannot contact the original owner. Does this mean that you will not be able to use your device to the full? You may have deleted the previous iCloud account without a password.

This article will focus on showing how to do it. Although this feature is designed to prevent the use of stolen or lost devices, it is possible to remove Find My iPhone activation lock without a previous owner or an Apple ID, as people may end up deleting their devices and need this recovery option. There are ways to work on iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches.

To eliminate the Find My iPhone activation lock for free, you can try to get help from your previous owner and Apple ID passwords. However, in most cases, this is unlikely to find you or it may be the best solution when you wipe your device.

However, people who found their devices still do not know who owned them because the seller did not use this iPhone or iPad. You can attempt the steps registered below to fix the tricky problem and unlock Find my iPhone app lock for good. There are the following steps that will allow you the ease and better access to remove the activation lock:

Remote Owner Help

  • Go to the Official iCloud site and enter your Apple ID. Another possibility the owner user does that on his device.
  • Tap Find My iPhone web app and launch it.
  • Click the All Devices button on the menu bar.
  • You or someone should select the required devices to be removed.
  • Select Delete Account.
  • This method works for people who have wiped their devices.

By using Third-Party Software

You can try unlocking the device and deleting the iCloud account. There are a few tools that allow you to do so. Your iPhone must be activated and data backed up if you want to retrieve something from the device.

However, we will not provide examples of these services, as most of them are illegal, as they exploit the vulnerability of iOS to enable successful login. In some cases, applications or apps may be less secure (including malware, for example), so kindly note that this process is not encouraged to use. Note that some paid services can do this for you, although not all of them are legal.

Lock Bypass Activation Method

  • Tap the Home button and select Wi-Fi settings.
  • When in the list, press the I button.
  • Go to this network settings and enter a new DNS based on your location:
  • If you are in the USA / North America, enter the new DNS
  • If you are in Europe, enter the new DNS
  • If you are in Asia, enter the new DNS
  • If elsewhere, enter the new DNS

By contacting Support Help

In the event that you have proof of purchase, you may have removed the Find My iPhone lock without the previous owner with the help of Apple Support. So, if you bought your iPhone on eBay, Amazon, or elsewhere that shows a money line, you can count it as proof. Print our purchase order or access it on mobile and go to your local Apple Store. Describe the situation, and tell them you would like to remove my iPhone Lock so you can use the device you officially purchased. They will open it for you. Additionally, you can try this method by calling Apple Support again, although this can prove very difficult.

For upcoming situation, always make sure that the iPhone or iPad you are buying is not locked from the start. As you can verify your online purchase (many stores offer a money-back guarantee if the goods do not meet the requirements), face-to-face sales are not covered by that insurance. So, during the process, turn on the phone and make sure that the “Set up your iPhone” screen is visible when you launch it instead of locking the screen.

Remove Previous iCloud Account by Jailbreaking

You may encounter articles that tell you that you may have deleted an iCloud account by tapping the tool in jail on the Internet. This is not the case. While jailbreaking for an iOS device may allow you to customize/customize some apps on your iDevice, it cannot turn off Find My iPhone and remove the iCloud lock. After a jailbreak, you can use an iCloud lock tool like iMyFone Bypasser to bypass activation lock without the previous owner’s knowledge. Further details about apple icloud visit Varhost

Final Thoughts

If the opening of the previous owner’s information screen keeps you from using your iPhone to the fullest, you can use the MyFone Bypasser iCloud to unlock the pass-through tool without Apple ID and passwords. Bypasser is not difficult to use. if you never have used it before, you will just need to head for the on-screen instructions to eliminate the lock screen without the previous owner within a moment.

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