Upload photos to icloud from iPhone

How to Upload Photos from iPhone to iCloud Storage

Apple allows the iOS users to store all of the photos in the iCloud, given that you do upgrade your iCloud storage space to accommodate your iCloud Photo Library where the iCloud Photo Library is a part of the Apple iCloud online storage service.

The iCloud Photo Library can be accessed through an iPhone/iPad, computer or any other kind of device with App or browser at iCloud.com. You can transfer photos to iCloud by simply toggling a button, just make sure you have a good network connection.

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Moving photos from iPhone to iCloud Storage

How to Upload Photos from iPhone to iCloud Storage

Steps to Transfer Photos

In order to transfer photos from iPhone to iCloud, simply unlock your iPhone and open up settings.

  1. Simply, go to Settings> [your name] > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library
  2. Simply toggle on this button on your iPhone as this is the switch of transferring photos to iCloud from the iPhone.
  3. Now, just choose either download and keep originals or optimize iPhone storage.

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Download and keep originals

The pictures you take from your iPhone are stored in your device at the highest possible resolution that your iPhone is capable of shooting at. The download and keep originals option will do exactly what it sounds like, there is no compression of the pictures at all. One of the obvious advantage of this is that if you wanted to show your pictures at a larger screen by connecting to it, the pictures will probably be at a suitable resolution.

Optimize iPhone Storage

In this option, the original pictures are stored in the iCloud and only low resolution previews are available on the device. Since the file sizes of the pictures are usually smaller when this is turned on, so it will be a bit faster to transfer as well.

How long will it take to upload photos to iCloud

The time it will take to transfer photos to iCloud depends on two things the speed of the Wi-Fi connection and the size of the photo library. If your upload is taking some time, then try letting it run overnight. However, for some users who had very large photo libraries, it can take multiple nights to completely upload all of the pictures.

How to upload certain pictures only to iCloud

If you turn on iCloud Photos, it will upload all of the photos on your iPhone which means that you will not be able to upload the selected ones only. There is a way to do this, that is by turning on iCloud Shared Albums.

  • Simply open Settings > Photos
  • Just toggle on the Shared Albums button.
  • In order to upload the Photos,
  • Simply, open up the Photos app.
  • Now, select the pictures that you want to upload to iCloud.
  • Now, tap on the Share button.
  • Simply, select the shared album.
  • Now just choose the album you want to add it to or create a new one.
  • The last step, just tap on Post.

And you are done.

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