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iPhone 13 has been Confirmed with Allegedly Leaked Specifications

Yes, you heard right about the iPhone 13! The iPhone 13 leaks have already revealed debated new advancements that could make iPhone 12 users regret purchasing it. The major reason for guilt may be that the forthcoming iPhone 13 upgrade has now been confirmed. Even with that approval, it’s not what most Apple enthusiasts would imagine.

Inside the disclosures, a new limited and reliable Korean site ET News has exposed a super-smooth 120Hz ProMotion screen inside the iPhone 13. This new feature used to touch and go for the iPhone 12 range but now it is on iPhone 13. But another thing that can be mentioned here is that this feature is only for the most expensive models.

This Super ProMotion will also be limited to iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max only, ET News has also clarified in article. On iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, it didn’t get this ProMotion because it won’t fit on LTPO panels and LTPO panels stand for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide panel.

When it comes to LTPO panels, it provides you with dynamic refresh rates for tasks such as email and web browsing. For these purposes it allows you to set the battery drain to 120 Hz plus a refresh rate of at least 1 Hz.

Problem with iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini

After looking at all the features, you can see that the only problem with this iPhone 6 and iPhone 13 mini is that they are not included in the list of cheap phones. Through stealth cuts, Apple has quietly increased the price of the iPhone 12, which features 120 Hz, to $870 and the iPhone 11 within the same package to $699.

Rising prices put a price bracket in a market where almost all Android competitors already have 120 Hz Panel. Whereas, it is worth saying that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone also comes with a 120 Hz panel, but it costs only 699$.

Upgrade Changes in iPhone 13

Also, when it comes to the iPhone 13, it provides you with various upgrade changes and design changes. First of all, you get this iPhone with a long wait. The first thing you see in it is the conversion to 5G improvement. Comes with more storage and security upgrades are better than other iPhones.

After looking at all these features, you can see that this iPhone 13 is perfect, but you can also see the shortcomings inside it. The first downside you also know is that inside the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini you find a lack of ProMotion that can ignore buyers’ thinking about buying it.

Apple also says that considering the price increase, Apple is coming across the board these days and inside these expensive phones, you will see the best changes and benefits. He further added that it is becoming more difficult for the fans to get out after compromising on the features provided by the rivals.

Consequently, in the end, it will be said that the upgrade of Apple 13, which was suddenly confirmed has started a revolution. It will be an excellent update for anyone who is a fan of Apple as it comes with 5G feature, more security upgrades and better design. So, this new upgrade will be very beneficial for you.

Finally, to experiencing all the benefits mentioned above, this iPhone 13 will be the best for you as you can also experience the ProMotion within it.

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